Marche is a vegan shoe line that now retails in India on various fashion and vegan websites,
The brand is a brain child of Pooja Bohra who is a pattern maker and designer from the prestigious Arsutoria school in Milan. 
The brand has a variety of shoes styles from flats to chic ballerinas that uplift any outfit. So what’s so special about Marché ? 
  1. Vegan : Marché stands against cruelty, the brand is a peta approved for its promise to never use animal derivatives . The sole is made of rubber that is imported from Italy. The Pu that we use is much better environmentally than its PVC alternatives. The brand is also working on a collaboration with Pinatex to take its vegan line further globally. 
  2. Comfort - Comfort is at the top requirement when it comes to shoes. For people to dress from the shoes up this is their break even. Are the shoes comfortable? Marche has 3mm extra cushioning in each pair of shoes. The ballerinas and loafers come with an extra padding in the back to give you blister free experience and keep the comfort going all day. 
  3. Designs that uplift any outfit - the designs are made for the modern day woman. She is in office and then the bar for a date or dinner with friends. The shoes are appropriate to wear to work with the right amount of chic. All the designs are originally sketched by the designer.
  4. Box is recyclable and re usable - the brilliant blue of the brand is un missable the box is a recycle-able ethically manufactured box. The box can be folded and re used. To contribute to reducing the waste it generated it has made this decision. 
  5. Craftsmanship - new ideas powered with age old craftsmanship. The factories that the brand works with are factories used for international brand that are exported from India. We are proudly made in India. The craftsmanship is unparalleled with the artisans learning from generations old tricks and ideas. The shoes are handcrafted in factories that give worker safety great priority. 
What’s next? 
Marche is working on incorporating more natural fabrics and working on a collaboration with Tencel. 

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