Introducing Circular Fashion & Circular Economy
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To understand circular fashion, it’s first important to understand the concept of a circular economy — the concept tha
Veganism - How Far Have We Come?
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In an article of the magazine’s special edition The World in 2019, The Economist’ correspondent John Parker declared 2019 the “year of the Vegan”.
Veganism has caught on quite the wave. The American and European markets saw a rise in various vegan related markets – acquisitions of vegan product companies, increased food  options at various restaurants and vegan lifestyle products.
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Marche is a vegan shoe line that now retails in India on various fashion and vegan websites, The brand is a brain chil
Is Leather actually bad ?
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It’s pretty easy to handball your guilt over to someone else. It is much less easy, and far more uncomfortable and confronting to really connect with the fact that you are wearing the skin of someone dead. It’s pretty easy to make a lot of assumptions about leather too, especially when the leather industry feeds us falsehoods about the ‘material’.

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